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Dec 31, 2010:

Friends On A Transcontinental Triathlon

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Shirley and Yannick are amazing! We don't know them well but we share a kindred spirit of climbing. We met Yannick through a mutual friend, Kevin, at Joshua Tree National Park in California in 2009; and we know of Shirley through mutual friends. Nevertheless, what they're doing is amazing. Kayaking from Alaska down to Seattle, WA; then hiking down to Los Angeles, CA; then getting on bikes to cycle down to Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America. As of today, they are half-way down Baja California. Their ride is an inspiration to us and we will be following them closely to learn from their experiences. Go Shirley and Yannick!!!

See their updates HERE. They are supporting Medshare.

Photo is of Shirley riding along the highway that's high above the beach in the distance.  In the background is the blue ocean with a sandy beach in the distance.
Shirley in Baja California. Inspiring and we hope to follow in their "tire tracks" ...except in the opposite direction. (Click here for source.)