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Feb 15, 2011:

Slime Sponsors 2B2R

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YAY! We're in the process of requesting sponsorship for our campaign. Slime, the maker of tire/tube sealants, has responded that they want to support! Thanks!

While riding across America in the summer of 2009, we experienced a lot of flat tires. Can you imagine? A fully loaded tandem bike with two people and only two spots that touch the ground? Needless to say, thorns and sharp road debris found their way into our nerves and made us stop often. Just to give you an idea -- during a day through Arizona, we counted SEVEN flats!

We now use Slime sealants in our tubes and that has changed everything. So when we were looking for potential sponsors, why not ask Slime?

For our ride through the Americas, it will be a relief to have Slime with us to make the trip as comfortable as possible. Trust us, dealing with flats one after another, day after day ...well, yes, nerves do get rattled.

Thanks, Slime!

Image is logo for Slime.
Thanks for your support, Slime!

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