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Mar 17, 2011:

Our Biggest Challenge

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Christi's Thoughts

When I tell people about our plan to ride 16,000 miles and spend 18 months on a bicycle, the usual reaction is, "That's so far!" or "I get tired just riding to work!" But for me, it's not the miles, I don't think, that will be our biggest challenge.

No, getting to the finish line seems like it would be fairly straightforward - that is, once we get to the starting point. In the past, when we had a wild idea to embark on some journey, be it climbing a mountain, jumping out of an airplane or riding our bike across the US, we just packed our things and went for it. But this time, it's not so easy.

A trip this big requires a whole lot of that necessary evil: money. We are quickly learning that the strength and tenacity required to pedal into a headwind pales in comparison that which is necessary to acquire the funds for this trans-continental journey.

Our roadblocks seem numerous and multiplying. We are not a 501(c)(3) organization, and most companies do not donate to individuals. Grants are hard to come by and harder still to get. Yes, this pre-ride road is very rough indeed.

Yet, somehow, I still feel optimistic. I've never been deterred by a "no" before, and I'm certainly not going to let it stop me now. We just need to keep at it, put our heads down and pound the pedals. Inch by inch, or penny by penny, we will get there - somehow.

Photo is of a pensive Christi trying to figure out how to raise money.
Dreaming of a money tree...

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