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Aug 24, 2011:

Legally Blind, Will Travel

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Just because you're visually impaired doesn't mean that you can't travel without a sighted-person's assistance!

In this article, Tauru shares Christi's long journey to Yangon, the capital of Myanmar (also referred to as Rangoon, Burma). Once thought only to be a dream, over the course of six and a half years, Christi gains the confidence and the ability to travel on her own in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Somewhere along a windy road through the mountains in the middle of the night, Christi shares her experience of being "out there" and how rich it felt to truly be traveling on her own.

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Christi has her arms stretched like a ballerina with a giant white Budhist pagoda in the background. She was a huge smile.  The all-white pagoda is in the shape of an upside-down cone, and it is surrounded by a sea of tropical trees with a blue sky dotted with puffy clouds above. .
Christi in Myanmar.

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