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Nov 19, 2011:

Loading The Bike

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2B2R has 2W2D (Two Weeks Two Days) to go before we head south to start our journey! We've been finalizing our packing list and seeing how much space we need to carry it all. Our Info page has our packing list.

Photo of tandem bike with trailer.  In front of the bike is all the gear we will be taking with us: camping gear, bike gear, etc...
IQ test time.

Photo of the bike loaded with all the gear packed in the front and rear panniers and in the stuff sack on the trailer.  The bike with trailer is 11 and a half feet long.
IQ Test, check. The total length of the tandem with the trailer is 11 feet 6 inches.

Another view of the bike and trailer.  Video below is of Tauru packing the gear into the panniers and trailer.  It's on double time, so Tauru is moving super fast.
Total weight of bike, panniers, trailer, and gear: 145 lbs. Uphills? Yikes! We each pulled ~110 lbs on Denali in 2007. For this trip, we'll both pull this ~150 lbs behemoth through 16,000 miles.

(Video: 1:23) Loading The Tandem.

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