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Nov 25, 2011:

Another Sponsor! Thanks, Wilderness Trail Bikes.

Time is counting down. Ten days to go before we head down to Buenos Aires. As you can imagine, we're super excited!!!

And getting another sponsor is a big plus, especially from folks who also share our interest in cycling. Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) has provided us with gear that will help during the ride. In particular, WTB has provided super-heavy tires that will hopefully minimize getting flats. Thanks!

We are in the process of making updating this website as simple as possible since we'll be on the road. We'll update as frequently as possible to keep you posted. Share our ride with as many people as you can to help us raise awareness -- your help is greatly appreciated! "Like" us on Facebook to get update notices, or just check in often.

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Thanks, Wilderness Trail Bikes!

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