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Dec 10, 2011:

The Tandem Box Saga

She's on her way! In a last minute rescue, Alex and the folks at Tagworks jumped in to help us. We're shipping the bike through them down to Ushuaia, where she'll arrive about nine days from today.

Nevertheless, the journey still rolls! Well ...OK ...perhaps we should wait until the 19th when the bike is scheduled to arrive in Ushuaia. For the time being, we'll just pretend that all is good and we'll mentally get ourselves ready for the 16,000-mile pedaling extravanganza. Pause. Wow, ...wait ...how many miles? Uh-oh!

Update: We just heard positive news from AeroMexico. Since we have already sent the bike on its way, they are planning to reimburse us for the shipment cost. Thanks, AeroMexico, for acknowledging our plight.

With Dave's help, we take her to the UPS shipping facility. She takes one last look at the palm trees. Hopefully she'll see them again in 12 months.

Tauru's getting too excited at the UPS shipping facility.

Tauru and Dave wait for Alex to come with the shipping paperwork.

Well, why not, right? Prime Minister of so-n-so country with Mr. President of blah-blah country during a summit meeting.

Alex comes with the paperwork! The bike is sending! OK, we can put it down now.

But, uh-no, the facility is closed! So we pack it in Alex's vehicle (Mr. President Dave is now gone because he had to go back to work).

Another UPS shipping facility. Alex has the papers...

We're in the facility... she's ready to go.

But Tauru is a little nervous, so he has to check the paperwork.

Tauru double checks with Alex.

Tauru triple checks.

One more time. OK, yes, Ushuaia.

Paperwork done. UPS folks okay the shipment. So she waits.

"Them Guys" take her away ...but we're sure they'll be good with her.

And she's gone...

Stay tuned to see if she makes it down there in one piece.

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