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Dec 12, 2011:

Finally in Buenos Aires

After a slow start, we finally made it to Buenos Aires, Argentina. AeroMexico pulled through and provided great customer support -- THANKS!! In two days, we'll fly down to Ushuaia, the southern-most city in the world, and cross our fingers for the arrival of our bike on the 19th.

Take 2: Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport... minus the bike box, which is already on its way to Ushuaia.

The folks at AeroMexico were great! They're reimbursing us for the shipping of the bike, and they upgraded us to First Class for the leg from Hermosillo, Mexico to Mexico City.

OK, we wanted to compare the counter-clockwise swirl in the northern hemisphere to the clockwise swirl in the southern hemisphere; but the toilet at the airport was too strong -- it just flushed down!

Airport coffee: $3. Tickets to Buenos Aires: priceless.

The lunar landscape near Hermosillo, Mexico. If all goes well, we'll be riding through here a year from now.

Tauru disembarks at the airport in Hermosillo.

Christi on her way to Mexico City. "Board through the first door," an AeroMexico representative said. First door? Why, isn't that for First Class?

Yes, it is!

The drinks before take-off didn't last long.

The full moon glows in the eastern horizon as...

...the sun sets in the western horizon.

A meal to celebrate the start of the journey.

Oh, yes, it's actually Christi's birthday! She's 21 once again!

We slept most of the time during the 8½ hrs from Mexico City to Buenos Aires. Christi is refreshed and ready to go through Customs at the Buenos Aires International Airport.

In downtown Buenos Aires, Tauru realized he was sportin' the "American" look: hat, shorts and white socks. Ooops.

Pretty cool artwork along a narrow street in the downtown San Telmo area of Buenos A. We noticed the eyes watching us like Big Brother.

We pass a steak restaurant...

It was Sunday afternoon, where a section of the streets was closed off for pedestrians and festivities. We were going to take a photo of Christi with the statue ...but then it started to move! Yikes -- hahahaha got us this time, man-pretending-to-be-statue. You pulled a fast one on our vision.

Playing music in the street...

How can you not be a happy Argentinian when there's music and dancing in the streets?

We walked on and saw this pretty Catholic church. It felt as if we were in Spain or Italy.

Really, is this Madrid or Rome or something? Buenos Aires? Did AeroMexico re-route while we were sleeping?

But, yes, it is Buenos Aires. Tango in the streets at night -- where else could it be? Buenos A = Tango capitol of the world. Buenos A = Buenos Awesome!

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