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Dec 17, 2011:

Bienvenido a Argentina

Time flies when you are having fun - today marks one week that we have been in Argentina! We've explored Buenos Aires, met fantastic people and eaten far too much beef! Our flight to Ushuaia went smoothly, and for now, we have a campsite that we call home.

As for the weather, we have been blessed with warm, sunny days. What are the odds that this will be true for the next 18 months? We are now taking wagers for the odds of it raining the day we start riding - who's in?

With regard to our bike, well, she's on a vacation of fantastic proportions! Miami, Panama, Sao Paulo... she was last tracked clearing customs in Buenos Aires. Hopefully, we will be reunited on Monday. (And then we ride??? Eeek!)

With some time to spend in Buenos Aires, we headed our in search of Evita.

Don't cry for me, Argentina.

The truth is, I never left you.

All through my wild days...

My mad existance...

Okay, seriously, we weren't finding her. Tauru uses a magnifier from RPB to read a map.

We are pretty sure that's not Evita. Giving up on the quest.

Is this Evita?

Ah-ha, here's Evita, the Empanada Lady. Tauru's in heaven nibbling on empanadas.

Back at Piedras Suites, Cristian shows us his commuter bike - a vintage Swedish bike manufactured in Brazil and was common in Brazil.

Christi waits for the "subte." We are heading out for an Argentinian dinner - at 10:30pm!

"I wonder why this is the last train if people are only now starting to head out for dinner."

"I suppose they just stay out until the trains are running again, and catch the first one home."

Paul and Mariana, our hosts of a very delicious, and very large, Argentinian barbeque. It's 2am, and we just finished dinner! Luckily, we are heading to the airport and not to bed!

Arriving in Ushuaia, very sleepy and still very full! But we are so excited to be here, and everything has arrived in tact.

Now it's time to set up "home" for the next week at La Pista del Andino, a campground at the edge of town. We wait for our tandem bike.

Christi is constructing "La Casa."

Tauru is wondering how much of this we can throw away, thinking, "Are we seriously going to haul all of this up to Alaska?"

Dinner, anyone?

Argentinian Malbec, fantastico! Wait, something is wrong here...

That's better! (Now, that's a wine glass!)

Walking around downtown Ushuaia. We prepared ourselves for cold rainy days, but the sunshine must have come with us from Arizona!

Now that's a tour bus.

Carrefour - the all-purpose store that has 3 aisles of wine and only half an aisle of produce.

Argentinian apartments - a day in the life of an Ushuaian.

This former ski run is in the backyard of our casa, so we go for a hike. Our camp is at the base down there.

Tauru takes in the view and dreams of snow-capped mountains. Beyond in the horizon is Antarctica.

Glaciar Martial - the destination of our day's hike. We reminisce about the glaciers around Mount Everest and the many crevases we negotiated (and fell into) on Denali. Bikes don't fall into crevases - we've got that going for us.

Christi enjoys one of her last days being able to sit without being in pain for the next 18 months.

And perhaps we will ride in a couple of days!

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