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Dec 30, 2011:

To The Rescue

To the rescue! To the rescue! Hang in there, bike! The official, notarized documents are on their way. We just sent them off and they should arrive at Buenos Aires Customs on Monday, so we'll see what will happen next. Our fingers (and toes) are crossed and we're anxious to know if we can truly start our project.

The process started at the Tourist Office in downtown Ushuaia yesterday. They referred us to a notary office. Because it was for Buenos Aires, the notary needed additional approval. The following day (today), we went to pick up the documents and then sent them on their way.

Argentinians are serious grillers! As we leave the campground to go pick up our documents, we pass this grill.

There's no horsing around ...or cowing around with this thing!

This has Twin Exhaust System TechnologyTM.

Other cyclists have passed through here. They are riding around in Tierra del Fuego.

As we walk to the notary, we couldn't help but see in people's front or back yards grills. This one has On Cinder Block TechnologyTM.

This one is behind bars, but you can see its Single Exhaust System TechnologyTM.

Tauru approaches the notary's office.

Play by play action.

He examines the address on the envelope. Once the documents are in our hands, they're off to Buenos Aires!

But it's Friday 1:20 PM, December 30th. The post office is closed for the day! What to do? We go in search of a private express mail sender. On the way, we come across "Anchor Park" (that's our name for it). These anchors ...could be melted and turned into Argentinian grills for the serious sailor-grillers.

We pass by Ushuaia's hospital with ambulances on the wait. The rugged roads in this area require high clearance and 4x4 action.

And of course we have to stop by our favorite tourist attraction: Carrefour.

Christi checks out some cheese.

Gouda... gouda ...gouda ...gouda. It seems gouda cheese is the preferred cheese in Argentina or in this area.

Attraction #2: Veggies.

Tauru eyes something and reaches for it.

"Oh, these are vegetables."

Notice the counter right-of-middle. In Argentina, once you get your veggies and/or fruits, you bring it to this counter where a person weighs them and puts a price sticker on your bag.

This guy is a "serious griller." The regular meats are to his right, but he's eyeing a slab of cow. His wife tries to tell him about smaller meats to left, but he's determined.

Attraction #6: Coffee. She's a "serious coffee-er."

Attraction #8: Washers. Christi wonders if we can install one on the tandem (that will come!).

Attraction #19: pots and pans to the left, and junk to the right.

Christi waits in line to check out.

All the excitement at Carrefour require a break. Tauru is overwhelmed. The pots and pans were really something. And, wow, the frozen foods section!

Smile = hot chocolate within reach.

He swishes...

And samples...

"A fine bouquet hinting chocolate ...with a slowly fading aroma of milk ...and settling with a warmth that is sure to win the 2011 Wooden D'or Award."

Another taste test.


"It's actually tea!"

Then onward to an express mail service.

The final step for today. Christi sends off the documents. Let's see what happens on Monday.

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