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Jan 1, 2012:

Happy New Year!

In 2011, we spent hours upon weeks over many months planning this bicycle journey. Now, 2011 has come to a close, and here we are in Ushuaia, ready to start the adventure.

Sure, our bicycle has been detained for some time now. But an Australian couple pointed out a very important fact: Our logo clearly states that this ride is for 2012-13; it says nothing of 2011. So, of course we haven't begun pedaling yet!

We start the year full of hope and excitement. We hope all of you feel equally optimistic. Feliz año nuevo a todo el mundo. Stick around in 2012 to follow our journey and to raise awareness about blindness. Cheers, everyone!

On our daily stroll to Carrefour, the place where everything happens, a streak of black fur trotted right up to Christi.

Yup, a new bestie. He must know we are off to buy some meat for the parilla (Argentinian grill).

Tauru finds a backup plan at Carrefour - just in case Customs continues to be problematic.

Tauru is hoping no one will notice his classy substitute for champagne.

Christi checks out the setup - New Year's festivities require serious fire. Not even the parilla could handle all of this meat.

This grill sports Heat-Trapping TechnologyTM (cardboard).

Tauru readies the parilla for our chorizos. They don't seem big enough or worthy enough for the campfire grill-technology.

But not at all! "Meat Man" has applied the parilla-technology to the asado-technology, and we are welcomed to the Argentine barbequing community. But they are confused. "Just chorizos?"

Christi discusses asado culture with a man from Buenos Aires. He explains that there can only be one person in charge of the grilling at a time. Everyone else yields to his mastery of the grill.

Christi watches the "Meat Man" hard at work, tending to everyone's New Year's feast.

"Meat Man" looks exhausted. Pablo consults him about the possibility of taking a break. "Meat Man" has been tending the asado for over two hours already.

A substitute "Meat Protoge" watches carefully over the meat while "Meat Man" finds some refreshments. He's just peaked beneath the heat-control-technology and is now rotating our chorizos.

"Meat Man" returns, feeling rejuvinated. The meat is looking good.

The meat is strategically placed away from the fire to allow for slow-cooking and increased tenderness.

Tauru sips from his clandestine non-champagne and contemplates the asado and fancy heat-control technology.

The sun, and 2011, have set over Ushuaia. It's almost 11 PM and time to ring in the New Year.

The clock shows that there are just minutes until midnight. Fernando (camp owner), on the left behind the bar, counts down as his wife serves up spicy "vino caliente" for all to enjoy.

Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo! Welcome, 2012.

And the dancing and festivities continue through the night.

Good morning, 2012.

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