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Feb 12, 2012:

We Deserve Payback

Kilometers to Date: 765 km (459 miles)

Day Km Miles Notes
Feb 7 2 1 Planning to leave, but met a family.
Feb 8 17 10 Battle-mania with wind, rain, and traffic.
Feb 9 35 21 Battle-mania round 2 with strong headwind.
Feb 10 93 56 Slight relief of moderate headwind.
Feb 11 51 31 Headwind battle-rama continues.
Feb 12 50 30 Finally made it to Puerto Natales (250 km in 5 days!)

FYI: Next Update Will Be In El Calafate In 7 Days Or So.

Since leaving Ushuaia almost a month ago, the road north has been a constant battle-mania with headwind. Getting 35 km (21 miles) a day is considered good! The road from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales is 250 km (150 miles), which would usually take two days; but with this massive Patagonian headwind, it took 5 days! We knew about and carried enough supply of food and fuel (since there was nothing in between), but... wow! Wow! WOW!

So we really do deserve payback; but from what we hear, James Brown's lyrics won't come in handy. More headwind. More. Mas. Mas!

For the time being, it's good to be in Puerto Natales. Strange how happiness comes in the form of supermarkets... where eating fantasies are just a couple of pesos away. (It's amazing how much you think about food and eating as you're riding!)

Help us reach 1000 "Likes" on Facebook by Santiago, Chile (end of Stage 1). So far, we're at 700! Woohoo!

On leaving Punta Arenas of Feb 7the, we walk the bike out of town because we can't ride in the traffic. It's one of the challenges of being visually disabled; but walking through the city allows us a different glimpse of P-Arenas.

Here's why we only got 2 km (1 mile) that day! Jose Miguel...

And his awesome wife, Patricia, invite us to their place for a homestay! We met them in front of Unimarc (a supermarket). These are happy smiles of a warm bed, showers, and a full belly!

These are happy smiles of great company. Breakfast was set when we came downstairs.

Fernando, their son, shows tio ("uncle") his crane set.

After breakfast and Fernando showing Tio Tauru his toys, we pack up for the road ahead.

Fernando is adorable!

He wants to join us!

Riding out of Punta Arenas, the rain comes down on us and massive headwind push against us. About 17 km out of town, we find a remote spot for the night.

A view of the Strait of Magellan.

The bike takes in the view.

Camping in paradise.

The next day wasn't any better in terms of wind. We made it to Gobernador Phillippi where there was a gas station. Staying the night there reminded us of our ride across America in summer 2009; however, this place was pretty awesome! We get a "cabin"! The opened door to the right is ours for the night.

No chocolate on pillows (also no pillows), but it's free.

The kitchen.

The following night, we made it to Morro Chico where we stayed in this place. We pitched our tent to feel "frontier-esque".

Onward. And Spanglish is used down here...

Trees sculpted by wind.


The road ahead to Puerto Natales. Imagine headwind that can blow you over!

We stayed at Estancia Ivan 50 km from Puerto Natales after an all-day battle-rama with headwind. This place was like heaven to us!


And finally the streets of Puerto Natales...

We walk down to the waterfront...

The bike is relieved... and so are we. Tomorrow's battle will be tomorrow's issue.

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