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Feb 20, 2012:

Video - The Ripio South of El Calafate

We were warned. We knew the situation. We accepted the challenge. It kicked our butts - but we succeeded. That is, the 65km of loose gravel, called "ripio" in South America, on Ruta 40 just south of Calafate, is behind us. We may have scrapes and bruises, but we will not surrender!

How bad is bad, you wonder? Well, check out our video and see for yourself.
(PS - it will be about 3 days until we reach El Chalten, where we hope to make our next update. From there, it's an unknown adventure north to Perito Moreno/Chile Chico via the barren Ruta 40... stay tuned.)

Help us reach 1000 "Likes" by Santiago, Chile (end of Stage 1).

The Ripio - Ruta 40 South of El Calafate.

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