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Jun 25, 2012:

Raising Awareness in Brazil

Distance to Date: 4748 km, 2944 miles

Read Portugese? We were recently featured in a Brazilian magazine, Outside, to share our story and our project to raise awareness. Really cool to reach a wide audience!

On another note, we are in Tucuman! We rode 55 km yesterday to test out Christi's back. So far, bueno! Woohoo! 13,000 miles more? We'll see. One day at a time.

Help us spread the word by sharing our project. Thanks!

Click HERE to view the article. Note: It's in Portugese.

Sunday on Ruta 38. Quiet. Everyone home watching futbol. A perfect day for us to make our run to Tucuman. Christi stretches during our breaks.

We talked about sugar canes in our previous update. Well, here's a roadside stop selling them.

And more. Frutilla = strawberries. Yum!

Sweets made from sugar cane honey. 15 km later, we're in Tucuman, which we learned that it was the end of the Inca Trail back yonder.

Spread the word and help us Raise Awareness!

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