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Jul 4, 2012:

Visiting Salta & Corina Lona

Distance to Date: 5060 km, 3137 miles

We have arrived in Salta, our final stop in Argentina. From here, we will head north to Bolivia. Salta has a very European feel to it with its huge, colonial-style buildings, cobblestone streets and mountain vistas. We took a day to enjoy the layback feel of the town.

The next day, we headed to the Corina Lona School to visit with the students and teachers and share our adventure. It was a pleasure talking with them - this is the only school for blind children in the entire state of Salta. Some of the students study here all day while others are integrated in regular schools and come here for extra instruction, such as Braille, orientation and mobility, computer skills and of course, tutoring. Concepts like high-level math are difficult to grasp without visual explanations.

One of the common causes of blindness in this area is premature birth. The gas used in the incubator saves lives but destroys eyes. It's disheartening to think that these cases could be prevented, but such is life. Their spirits are high, and it's great to see such big smiles. The road for these students will be paved by themselves. Much of the technology and accessibility that are available in the States are simply too expensive to be within their grasp, but they make do with what they have, get help from a supportive community, and have a lot of tenacity. They are each an inspiration.

Thanks for sharing our project -- help raise awareness.

Our awareness campaign is shared with the Salta community. Click HERE.

We sit down for a taste of Salta.

Milanesa, a fatty cut of beef deep fried and topped with an egg on a bed of fries. How can anything be wrong with this?

The 9th of July is Argentina's independence day.

Argentina gained independence from Spain in 1816.

In five days, we'll celebrate Argentina's independence.

Surrounding the plaza are buildings that makes it look like Spain.

Argentina? Spain?

Beautiful cathedrals.

We walk the bike to Corina Lona, a school for blind children.

Christi encourages the kids to define their own boundaries.

"Se puede" --> YOU CAN DO IT!

Tauru shares our long journey with the kids. Gaby, who is studying to be an English translator, puts her skills to use by translating for Tauru.

The kids share with us their little tandem. Vamos a Alaska?

Salta's Channel 11 news station film our visit.

Later, the kids dance for us. Imagine learning the concept of dancing when "seeing" doesn't exist.

Christi and Gaby, the English translator, realize they both like to write.

Christi shows Gaby our bike.

Gaby's first time on a bike ...and she's SCARED!! But her smile tells a different story! Adriana, the school's director, steadies to captain the bike.

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