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Sep 22, 2012:

That's Beaching

Distance to Date: 8962 km, 5557 mi

It's been three weeks since we last updated. Tauru had a sinus infection that slowed us down. So we rode some, walked some, and took the bus some to get to Mancora, which is on the coast of Peru 110 km south of the border of Ecuador. It's awesome here - warm weather, sandy beaches, and a super comfy room for about $10/night. Ahhh, the joys of traveling!

Stan from Athlete In Me wrote a nice piece on us. Thanks, Stan! Click HERE to view.

CANCELED: Documentary Film Project
We regret to inform you that the documentary film project has been canceled. Ultimately, we weren't able to work with the director to bring our story out properly. For those who contributed to the film's fundraising efforts through, the director has informed us that you will be refunded, though at a discount once expenses have been deducted.

The guys from a hotel we stayed at in northern Peru were curious about the bike. From our room on the second floor, we watch them.

It's kind of tricky at first to ride a tandem.

Take two: they switch seats.

It's still hard, but eventually they get rolling. Tandem bikes are rare down here in South America. When someone asks to try it, we say: go for it!

A view of Mancora. Warm, sunny and relaxing.

Quiet. Tranquillo.

Lunch time. Ceviche on top of rice, veggies, and tons of other things (unknown) for about a dollar.

Post-lunch activity: mixed fruit shake, please.

Then we go shopping for fruits at the local market.

1 kg of mangos for a little over a dollar. Afternoon snack.

Shopping for fruits is tough, so Tauru takes a break and finds the ice cream man.

Ahhhh, he takes a moment as childhood memories are unlocked.

Hmmm, why are these roosters caged like this in front of a hospedaje (hostel). Choose your dinner?

Here's why we're in Mancora. Beach!

The joys of being on the road.

"El policia es tu amigo." (The police is your friend.) A reassuring sign.

Near sunset, we return to the beach.

And celebrate life with a beer.

For some, Beer = Evil. Not for us!

The sun sets.

Those are fishing boats that bring joy in the form of ceviches.

Yet another good day.

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