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Nov 3, 2012:

Through The Darien Gap

Distance to Date: 11,285 km, 6,997 mi

Wow, it's been a crazy two weeks of crossing the Darien Gap. We took a chance and went the Pacific Coast route (versus the Atlantic Coast route), and "that has made all the difference." All in all, we are really glad to be through it. The only leg of the route that was pressing was the boat between Jurado and Jaque (Panamanian border) - we were stranded for 9 days hoping for a boat.

In Buenaventura, we were very fortunate to have met Ramiro, a fellow cyclist. He invited us to stay with him and his family. Wow, they really took care of us! Mama Ramiro is an awesome cook! And the same for Grandma Ramiro. Thanks!!

The route is as follows: Buenaventura to Bahia Solano to Jurado to Jaque to Puerto Quimba near La Palma. We have some photos below, but we'll be posting some videos of our passage hopefully by tomorrow.

Panama, here we are! South America no mas!

Last views of Buenaventura before taking off across the Darien Gap.

Yum! Fruits galore!!!

Thanks, Ramiro y familia, for hosting us! View from their house of the neighborhood.

Ramiro, Eduardo, Mama Ramiro, Papa Ramiro, and Tauru.

One last goodbye. Thanks!!! (PS: Mama Ramiro is an AWESOME cook!)

To the barco we go. Adventure ahead.

Buenaventura to Bahia Solano to Jurado where we got stuck for 9 days. But the sunset is beautiful.

Somewhere out there is Panama.

Pheeeew! After two weeks, we crossed the Darien Gap on the Pacific side. Here we are in Meteti, Panama and it's time to celebrate.

The bike is washed thoroughly to get ride of salt water, and it waits for its next adventure.

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