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Dec 22, 2012:

Oops, We're Off Course

Distance to Date: 14,979 km / 9,287 mi

We're actually making this update from Pennsylvania, USA. Whoa?! Where? What?

Okay, here's the scoop. About a month and a half ago, after crossing the Darien Gap, we found cheap tickets from Mexico City to Pennsylvania for the holidays. And so we thought we'd make a surprise visit to spend Christmas with Christi's family. For the past couple of weeks, we have been eyeing Mexico City to catch our December 20th flight.

We entered Mexico after Guatamala and jumped into a minibus to Tapachula where we then hopped into a bus for an 1100-km ride to Mexico City. And two days ago, we arrived in PA and surprised Christi's family! What a change in weather, though! From the heat in Guatamala to the coolness in Mexico City to a cold Pennsylvania.

For the next two weeks, we'll fatten up for the long haul to Alaska. We fly back to Mexico City on January 4th to continue our journey.

We exit El Salvador and prepare for the crazy roads of Guatamala.

Little did we know that the roads in Guatamala were going to be difficult. Limited shoulder room and crazy drivers.

Mexico - wow, the next border is the US.

A the border, we take a minibus to Tapachula. Can you imagine fitting a tandem bike into a minibus?

From Tapachula, we took an 18-hr bus ride to cover the 1100 kms to Mexico City.

Tauru has an old friend from college who lives in Mexico City. Francisco picks up up at the bus station and takes care of us. Thanks, Frankie!

Mexico City and its some 15 million inhabitants.

Frankie and Tauru, old buds from 20 years ago!

Tauru checks out a cool "bike" in downtown Mexico City. This to Alaska?

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