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Jan 24, 2013:

The Long & Quiet Road to the US

Distance to Date: 16,528 km / 10,247 mi

We continue to move north along the coast towards the US. We are planning to be in Nogales, Arizona by next week (Jan 30th) and in Tucson two days later. It has been a year since being on the road! We are soon to be back in Phoenix (arriving Friday Feb 8th).

The road north of Mazatlan has been plain and straight forward. We stay on the major autopista for its wide shoulder. The terrain is quite flat and the scenery doesn't change much. Fields of corn and jalapenos stretch far into the horizon. Most days are hot, and so keeping hydrated is critical. Also, we have concluded that going north to south is better than south to north, as we are doing. It seems that we ALWAYS run into headwind!

We stayed at this hotel in Mazatlan. Pretty nice, and only about $15 for the night.

Rico's Cafe in Mazatlan heard about our project and offered us complimentary breakfast to send us off with bellies full of good food.

Yum! Thanks, Rico's Cafe!

The road north. Nothing much except a bus stand every once in awhile. The highway is often empty, and it is wide with a good shoulder.

Sometimes on the highway, you encounter bums like this one sleeping on a bench. Be warned. Stay clear of vagrants like this.

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