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Feb 23, 2013:

Sharing our Adventures with Phoenix

Distance to Date: 17,670 km / 10,948 mi

We had a successful presentation at the Arizona Hiking Shack two days ago! Thanks again to the folks at the Arizona Hiking Shack and Desert Voyagers for hosting our presentation and supporting our fundraiser! We raised $860 that night to support River of Dreams, an organization dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities experience the outdoors. We also had donations and volunteer sign-ups to help the Talking Books Library. Overall, it was a great time!

We will try to get a video of the presentation on our website over the next couple of days.

Earlier in the day, we spoke at the Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired in Phoenix. What an amazing group of people.

Our tandem welcomes guests as they enter the Arizona Hiking Shack.

Guests purchase raffle tickets and learn about River of Dreams, a local group who help make the outdoors accessible to everyone.

We share tales of our wild adventures.

It's a great night. Thanks to everyone who organized, donated, attended and listened.

Spread the word and help us Raise Awareness!

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