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Apr 4, 2013:

Riding Through Forests to Oregon

Distance to Date: 19,670 km / 12,148 mi

The ride from Susanville, CA to Klamath Falls, OR has been rainy and cold. It's true that it's "warming up" in this part of the country as spring has arrived; however, it's still COLD!! Nevertheless, we persevere and ride on with cold fingers and frozen smiles.

Leaving Susanville started out sunny and nice. The climb is taxing, but the view is awesome.

1500 ft later, we make over the first of a series of passes en route to Klamath Falls.

The pass...

Forest-land is abundant and everywhere is home.

"Home" is defined by candles and chocolate.

It's cold and ready to rain the following day.

Tauru remembers the good times, "Yum, chocolate!"

60-some miles later and being rained on a couple of times, we reach Adin, CA.

Down one end of the main strip...

Down the other end...

Adin... good shopping for some food.

We continue north but are still 70 miles from Klamath Falls, OR.

Christi gets ready to settle in for the night in our mobile home.

The following day, the weather opens up a little and we cross into Oregon. Some 25 miles later, we reach Klamath Falls.

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