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Apr 7, 2013:

Dawson House Lodge Keeping Us Out of the Cold

Distance to Date: 19,790 km / 12,220 mi

Chemult is about 70 miles south of Bend, OR on Highway 97. Dawson House Lodge in this quaint little town has been nice enough to sponsor us for a night with a warm and comfy room! THANK YOU SO MUCH since it's freezing outside. With nights in the 20's F, it's nice to be inside. We shared with them our project to raise awareness and they wanted to help us. Again, THANKS!!!

Thanks, Dawson House Lodge, for hosting us for a night and keeping us warm and comfy! The room is perfect with all the comforts of paradise. We'll be juiced up for the run into Bend and beyond.

Spread the word and help us Raise Awareness!

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