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P Rupert to Deadhorse
May 2013 to Jul 2013

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May 17, 2013:

Campbell River

Distance to Date: 21,255 km / 13,099 mi

In Campbell River, we stayed with Bruce and Wendy whom we met while waiting for the ferry to the Vancouver Island. Beth, the teacher of the visually impaired who arranged our student visits in Courtenay on Tuesday, also works in Campbell River and took us to 3 schools. First, we visited a small elementary school where the entire school funneled into the gymnasium to hear our story. Next, we visited a third-grade classroom. Finally, we visited a high school and spoke to five classes, grades 9-12. Our hosts also invited folks to dinner both nights, including a reporter for the local newspaper. After 2 full days, we continued and rode move north, but with a new fishing rod from Bruce and panniers full of food from Wendy.

We share our story with interested third graders. Their minds are spinning.

A quick geography lesson is in order.

Next we visit the local high school. Veronica shows us her very cool basketball that jingles so she can hear it.

We share our story with five classes at the local high school and answer lots of questions. Maybe one of these students will go on a cycle touring adventure?

We say good-bye to our fabulous hosts, Bruce and Wendy. With bellies full of home-made waffles and berry sauce, panniers full of muffins and chicken sandwiches and a new fishing rod and tacklebox in tow, we are ready to head north.

We experience typical coastal BC weather: lots of rain! We are soaked and covered in grit by the time we reach Sayward, but Bruce had phoned ahead and got us a cabin for the night. We are so grateful for the hot shower and warm, dry bed.

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