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Jun 28, 2013:

Whitehorsin' Around In The Yukon

Distance to Date: 23,244 km / 14,411 mi

We are in the Yukon!!

Well, unfortunately, technology sometimes fails. Our camera couldn't transfer the photos over to the computer and so we lost all the images since our last update in Dease Lake. We only have some.

Whitehorse has been awesome! Special thanks to Lois and Bruce for taking care of us and helping us raise awareness. We spoke at three Rotary Club meetings, attemded a Lions Club year-end BBQ, and shared our project with three local news outlets.

Daylight never fades up here. Even at 11 pm, there's still light in the sky! From here on, we shouldn't need headlamps! The road to Fairbanks is about 600 miles and then it's about another 500 miles up the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse. We are still targeting end-July or beg-August to be up there. Thanks for all of your encouragement! Your support gives us sight to complete our journey!

As noted above, we were on Sandi's "A New Day" on CBC Radio. Click HERE to hear the interview.

Christi practices how to ride a bike in Dease Lake.

Keep it stedy...

A fully loaded tandem is challenging to handle.

Ooops... Getting back on strengthens character.

After days in Dease Lake, Tauru's Achilles Tendon heals and we are back on the road again.

The Cassiar Hwy is absolutely amazing!

We camp at Simmons Lake (about 100 miles south of the Yukon Territory). Tauru's long hair is no longer there.

Well, the rat tail still lingers. He's determined to take it to Alaska!

Camping by a quiet, pristine lake.

Cost for a room with a view? Priceless at $0.

Dinner time.

Finally, we cross into the Yukon Territory about 20 miles west of Watson Lake.

Yelp, that's the Yukon!

Quiet towns along the way on the Alaska-Canada Hwy.

In Whitehorse, we run into Swinde from German. She's AMAZING! She's been cycling around the world by herself! See her adventures HERE.

In Whitehorse, we talk with Sandi from CBC Radio's "A New Day." Click HERE to hear the interview. Christi talks about her excitement in learning how to ride a bike!

We later talk to Tim from CKRW Rush rado.

Sharing our project at a Rotary Club meeting. Thanks, Lois, for arranging all of these!

Beth from Campbell River on Vancouver Island had wanted us to have these stickers for our laptop.

They are going to make identifying keys sooooo much more easy!

Once we get all the stickers on, the keyboard will be much easier for us. Thanks, Beth!

Spread the word and help us Raise Awareness!

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