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P Rupert to Deadhorse
May 2013 to Jul 2013

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Jul 7, 2013:

Alaska After 18 Months

Distance to Date: 23,890 km / 14,812 mi

We are finally in Alaska! After 18 months on the road, we have finally arrived. Tok is about 100 miles across the border from Canada, 200 miles from Fairbanks, and 700 miles from Deadhorse, our final destination.

When we crossed the border a couple of days ago, while riding, a black bear cub ran across the road in front of us. Well, knowing mama bear would be close behind, we kicked into high gear and blasted into Alaska! These bears are so cute. :-)

We should be in Fairbanks in a couple of days (July 11th or 12th. Deadhorse? That's only 500 miles north of Fairbanks. Wow, Deadhorse!

Some time ago back in Vancouver, Canada, we met with the folks of AMI. They made this video to be broadcast all over Canada. Cool way to raise awareness.

Haines Junction, July 1st, Canada Day. Christi decorates the bike for the parade.

Proud of her work.

Others get ready for the parade, too.

You do what you can to participate.

Yelp, do what you can.

Disguised as Canadians for a day... eh.

The parade starts with the RCMP leading the way.

Then we come storming through.

Later, we meet two Argentinian cyclists. They've come from Buenos Aires and are also heading to Alaska. Gustavo and (we call him) "Santiago."

We get Haines Junction's Fire Department Chief in the pilot's seat. "Tauru, you're in good hands."

Back home at our Haines Junction host's house, Christi works on the internet. "Um, check out the view behind you."

Thanks, Darlene and David, our Haines Junction hosts! Awesome stay!

Then back on the road again. About 200 miles to the Alaskan border.

Later, the Argentinians catch up to us for a momentary stroll.

Alaska bound. Don't let the clear sky fool you. It later rained. And we had lots of headwind.

Lunch time with a nice view.

We cross into Alaska and meet this old man. About 85 and still driving to/from Utah/Anchorage. He gives us beers... um... it's an "Alaskan thing."

The rat is in Alaska!!! That's pretty bitchin'.

And Deadhorse is 500 miles north of Fairbanks. Close!

We find an abandon cabin to camp for the night. It's the thing to do. Oh, Alaska.

We set up our kitchen.

Tauru eats with the bike outside.

Christi eats, too.

We set up camp for the night. It's actually an abandoned little town.

And we get to Tok! Yay!

The rat feels very at home with the bears.

Our steed ponies up to a store. Gotta do what you gotta do.

As promised, the rat made it to Alaska... but its days are over. Time for Tauru to modernize.

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