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Aug 14, 2013:

Starting the "Epilogue"

We are now in So Cal! It's been a whirlwind of activities, and soon we will start our little epilogue -- a ride back to Phoenix from Huntington Beach, California. It's monumental because Christi will be on her own bike and Tauru will be using the guidance from Christi since his vision is waning (role reversal).

After almost 16,000 miles, Christi has learned how to ride a bike. As for Tauru, the tunnel vision is worsening, the central vision in his right eye is fading and issues with glare is making it hard for him to discern objects -- it's time to relinquish captain-ship.

The last week in Fairbanks was filled with activities. We spoke at Access Alaska (organization that helps folks with all disabilities), got on the local news, spoke with doctors at an ophthalmology convention, participated with Access Alaska and Wall Busters to celebrate the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) at the state fair, and donated our bike. Yulp, we no longer have the tandem!

Then off to Anchorage by way of hitch-hiking. 360 miles in roughly 9 hrs with 6 rides, and an opportunity to raise awareness about blindness. In Anchorage, we also had a whirlwind of a time. Got recognition from Mayor Dan Sullivan, got on two local TV news, got on a local radio station, and spoke at the Alaska Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

We're enjoying Huntington Beach and our Warmshowers host, Jamie, and then we'll be back on the road again soon en route for Phoenix, Arizona. Home. Home, here we come.

At an ophthalmology convention in Fairbanks, Tauru tries on goggles that simulate the tunnel vision aspect of retinitis pigmentosa. "Yulp, that's it."

Awesome time in Fairbanks with the Edwards. Thanks for hosting us!

Last moments with the tandem bike before donating it to Access Alaska.

At the state fair in Fairbanks, we help raise awareness about blindness and celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Tauru tries out a wheelchair to experience what it's like.

Navigating bumps is harder than you think!

And sand... wow! The folks at Access Alaska set up this course for others to experience "what it's like."

Participants see what it's like to play basketball in wheelchairs.

A moment of rest for Christi at the fair.

Rick, our second host in Fairbanks, talks to a local news station about the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Others try out the tandem.

We try deep fried twinkies. (Can't remember her name! She was awesome! Names are technicalities anyway.) [Update: Mystery woman is Tracey.]

Christi also tries the wheelchair course.

While Tauru finds sausages.

The sad good-byes with awesome people you meet along the way. Left to right: Christi, Juanita, Rick, Petra, Patrick and Tauru. We met Petra and Patrick (from Switzerland) in Ushuaia at the beginning of our trip. They are traveling by vehicle.

We then hitch to Palmer (40 miles north of Anchorage) -- thanks, Kay and Blake for hosting us!

We head over to Wasilla 10 miles away and stay with Sue and Kevin. Here, Sue gets Christi to do some squats. Strange things do happen in Wasilla!

Thanks Kevin and Sue!

Ooops -- Sage wanted to be in the photo, too.

A morning cup of coffee in downtown Anchorage.

We raise awareness in the local Anchorage news.

Then off to So Cal. Christi checks out a bike -- her first bike EVER!

Tauru wants "in," too.

Yulp, we get them!

A stroll along the boardwalk in Huntington Beach. Christi is now free to roam.

Incidently, this is the same spot where, in July 2009, we started our ride across the US as a trial run. All went well then, and all is going well now.

July 2009 before embarking on the long journey across the US and the Americas. (Click here to read.)

The bikes... made possible by the generous donations of our supporters -- some with money and others with their hearts. Thank you very much!

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