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Apr 28, 2013:

Passing Through Snoqualmie, WA

Distance to Date: 20,607 km / 12,711 mi

It has been a busy week! In Portland, we did the shopping thing like a typical "Portlander." That is, we went grocery shopping by bike. We also met with the National Federation of the Blind Portland Chapter and shared our project before heading up into Washington.

We have good friends in Snoqualmie -- knew them when they were living in Arizona. Karine and Tim (known in our little circle as "The Tim Lee") moved up here a couple of years ago and are sweet talking us into doing the same. Perhaps... perhaps after the trip. We were here with four consecutive days of absolutely beautiful sunshine. Sunshine? Near Seattle? We know... quite amazing!

Grocery trip with our bike in Portland -- panniers and trailer make good cargo space.

Tauru and Lucy, Paul and Kelley's dog (host in Portland), examine the contents of the precious cargo in the trailer. Good, 24 bottles still intact.

At the National Federation of the Blind meeting in Portland, we share our journey and hope to encourage our audience to redefine their own challenges and limitations.

A question was asked: "You can still see enough to ride a bike at the moment, but what happens when you can't anymore?" Tauru answers, "Riding a bike is a passing interest. When I can no longer ride a bike, I'll find something else. It's the spirit of wanting to do things that is most important. Kindle it, 'cuz it's what brings that smile to your face." (Or something like this...)

Jim and Heather (congrats -- newlyweds) shows us their tandem. Jim is in front and is half of the power. Heather is sighted, so she provides the vision for them in addition to the other half of the power.

This is Mango, a five month old puppy whose going to eventually fit into those ears someday.

Anyway, back to the tandem. Heather takes Christi for a spin.

Of course, Tauru has to try this, too. Christi shows him the ropes.

Hmmm, Alaska?

Okay, the photo above of Mango has a reason. Here's The Tim Lee, Mango's dad. The Tim Lee and Karine came down to Portland to hang out with us. Well, on their way back to Snoqualmie, we hitched a ride with them! We wanted to spend more time with them, and navigating through the network of highways would be difficult.

Snoqualmie. We share our journey at The Black Dog cafe in the downtown area. The beers really loosen our thoughts and helped tell the story.

We also spoke early in the day with the local newspaper. Snoqualmie really embraced us... and we embraced it. Awesome people... and awesome community!

Here we are in front of the Snoqualmie Falls with The Tim Lee.

Okay, switch photographers. Here we are in front of the falls with Karine.

Switching photographers again. Christi's partial vision got part of the falls.

Hmmm, who took this photo? Tim or Karine? Or their combined efforts?

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