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Aug 25, 2013:

Epilogue Done -- Phoenix, AZ

We've completed our epilogue: the ride from Huntington Beach, CA to Phoenix, AZ on single bikes. This is monumental because of the "change of hands" and the brute determination (or stupidity) of riding through the Mojave Desert in August.

When we started in Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Tauru's captain-ship lead the way; now that his vision is getting worse, Christi has taken over the captain-ship. She leads as Tauru's tunnel vision focuses on her wheel directly in front of him.

As for the heat of the Mojave Desert, although we said we'd never do it again when we crossed it during our ride across the States in July 2009, we knew what we were getting into. Though searing hot, it was actually quite fun! Believe it or not, it can be pleasant. A 44 oz cup of ice can hold for 3 to 4 hours in a pannier!

We are now back in Phoenix and relaxing.

We were featured on some newspapers recently: The Orange County Register in Southern California (see below) and The Morning Call in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (Part 1 and Part 2).

From The Orange County Register. Access to article is password protected, so we've posted it here.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5.

Photo courtesy of The OC Register.

Photo courtesy of The OC Register. Just before we leave the OC.

Huntington Beach is heaven.

Before we leave Huntington Beach, beach time is prescribed.

Smiles come naturally on this beach.

And the steeds, too, are with us on the beach.

We ride along a river trail (Santa Ana River Trail) to the Orange Metrolink Station and take a train out of town to avoid riding in traffic. Christi is here on the phone with The Morning Call newspaper from her hometown in the Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania). Read the Two-Part article: Part 1 and Part 2.

Cross the train tracks in Riverside, CA to catch a bus to further get out of traffic.

We wait for the bus. The temperature heats up from Huntington Beach's low 80's to Riverside's mid-90's.

Bikes are on the bus. (oops, shutter didn't open fully)

We arrive in Palm Desert (~10 miles east of Palm Springs) and out of traffic-land.

It's now low-100's. We pick up food as we ride out of town.

Burgers... In-n-Out BURGERS!!! A whole box of them!!! Courtesy of a generous donation via gift card from a Lion in Sparks, Nevada.

On her own.

Through the desert. Heating up to about 110 F.

Towards Yuma, temps continue to climb to 113 F.

Yeah, it's desert riding.

Taking a break for some water.

Heat is getting to him.

In Yuma, we get a room. Temperature is 113 F, plus addition degrees due to heat reflection. Yulp, time for a room.

Over Telegraph Pass just east of Yuma on I-8.

We're climbing, and so is the temperature.

Paradise ahead as we descend the pass. Flat land, though hot!

Camping at a Rest Area for the night. It stays hot through the night.

A "change of hands." Christi leads as Tauru follows.

Almost home. What a way to get better on a bike -- ride some 300 miles!

A good time in the desert was had....

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