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Jun 21, 2011:

No Regrets

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A neighbor came by yesterday and the first words out of his mouth were, "You guys have b*lls, even Christi!"

Granted, he was tipsy, but it was thanks to the alcohol that got him thinking about all the things he'd ever wanted to do but never did. Like hike the Pacific Crest Trail, see Mt. Everest, or travel more of the world. Now at 59, and with a debilitating disability, his options are limited.

At first, he thought we were crazy to plan such a trip because of the dangers in Latin America. This was what kept him from traveling there a couple of years ago when he had the opportunity. Now that he can't, he regrets "not having the b*lls" then.

He now wants to follow 2B2R and "live vicariously," as he says, "through our adventures."

How cool is that? Changing perception or inspiring just one person makes it all worthwhile. And this doesn't even have anything to do with blindness -- simply the spirit of adventure!

Our trip (plus a little booze) rattled his thoughts, and so he shared his bit of wisdom about just going out there and doing it. No regrets, he said. Life is too precious to spend it years later in dreams or through someone else.

We are concerned about the dangers of such a trip. Not only the visual part but also the foreign land, the drug wars, and so on. But staying home and never exploring zaps the breath of life.

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