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Jun 7, 2011:

Riding in Tandem

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Article #3: We wanted to share with you the bike and what it's like on it. Tauru gives a glimpse of what it's like to captain/pilot a tandem. Christi shares her experiences as stoker -- her role not only in pedaling but also in providing visual cues.

It's June and only seven months away before we start!

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Photo is of the tandem in Huntington Beach, California.  It's a hybrid mountain bike that's dark brown with front and rear racks and panniers.
The tandem bike at the beginning of our trip across America.

Photo is from Christi's perspective, which is the stoker position, the person in the back.  We are on a quiet, desert highway in northwestern New Mexico with nothing except a desert mountain in the distance.  Tauru's bright yellow jersey and red helmet is in the right side of the photo.  This is what Christi sees all day long.
Christi's view--en route to Shiprock, NM.

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