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Stage 1
Ushuaia to Santiago
Jan 2012 - May 2012

Stage 2
Santiago to La Paz
May 2012 - Aug 2012

Stage 3
La Paz to Panama C
Aug 2012 to Nov 2012

Stage 4
Panama C to Phoenix
Nov 2012 to Feb 2013

Stage 5
Phoenix to P Rupert
Mar 2013 to May 2013

Stage 6
P Rupert to Deadhorse
May 2013 to Jul 2013

All updates in Archives

1. How We See
2. Limits and Abilities
3. Riding in Tandem
4. Some Basics of...
5. Legally Blind, Will...

Phase I
Phase II
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

Who We Are
Media Brochure (PDF)
En Español (PDF)


Apr 15, '11: 1) How We See (Web or PDF)
May 8, '11: 2) Limits and Abilities (Web or PDF)
Jun 7, '11: 3) Riding in Tandem (Web or PDF)
Jul 12, '11: 4) Some Basics of Cycle Touring (Web or PDF)
Aug 24, '11: 5) Legally Blind, Will Travel (Web or PDF)
Aug 10, '11: Phase I (Web or PDF)
Dec 6, '11: Phase II (Web or PDF)
Jul 2, '12: Stage 1 (Web or PDF)
Aug 11, '12: Stage 2 (Web or PDF)
Feb 28, '13: Stage 3 (PDF)
Mar 1, '13: Stage 4 (PDF)
May 22, '13: Stage 5 (PDF)
Mar 1, '11: Intro Video -- Meet 2B2R
Oct 27, '11: Gila Bend Training Ride
Nov 19, '11: Loading The Bike
Nov 28, '11: News Interview with Mrs. America About RP
Nov 30, '11: Through Tauru's Eyes
Dec 5, '11: 2B2R In The News
Jan 11, '12: A Glimpse of Ushuaia
Feb 6, '12: Tierra del Fuego
Feb 20, '12: The Ripio South of El Calafate
Mar 21, '12: Checking In With KPHO CBS News (Phoenix, AZ)
Mar 28, '12: Camera Test For Documentary
Mar 29, '12: Never A Dull Moment
Apr 1, '12: Halfway To Santiago
Apr 27, '12: Days Of Our Lives (bottom of page)
May 4, '12: Rolling on Ruta 5
May 15, '12: Raising Awareness All Over Chile (Channel 13)
May 16, '12: Phoning Home To Our Friends At KPHO
May 18, '12: Video - Cleaning The Bike
Jul 16, '12: The City of Jujuy
Jul 17, '12: Viaje la Linda
Jul 25, '12: Trip to Salar de Uyuni
Aug 4, '12: The Folks at IBC
Nov 4, '12: Passage Through The Darien Gap Parts 1-2-3
Nov 16, '12: Checking In With Phoenix & Finishing Stage 3
Feb 11, '13: In Phoenix and with CBS 5 KPHO News
Feb 18, '13: On Good Morning Arizona, Channel 3 News
Feb 26, '13: Arizona Hiking Shack Presentation
Apr 10, '13: Front-Page Fame in Bend, OR
Apr 11, '13: On Bend's KTVZ
Jun 14, '13: On Local Terrace, BC News
Jul 7, '13: Alaska After 18 Months
Aug 14, '13: Starting the "Epilogue"
Aug 25, '13: Epilogue Done -- Phoenix, AZ

2010 Updates: Starting 2B2R

 December Updates   (Busan, Korea)
18th: Starting The 2B2R Website
19th: Plowing Along On The Website
23rd: Taking a Break From HTML Coding
30th: Obsessing About The Ride
31st: Friends On A Transcontinental Triathlon

2011 Updates: Preparing For The Trip

 January Updates   (Busan, Korea)
4th: A Family Rides The Pan-Am Hwy
6th: Launching of 2B2R The Americas 2012-13
10th: Riding Across The US
14th: Mom, Dad, & 3 Little Girls to Alaska!
18th: Media Brochure Completed
21st: US Blind Tandem Cycling Connection Endorsed Us!
27th: @2Blind2Ride is Now on Twitter!
 February Updates   (Christi in Korea and Tauru in Arizona)
2nd: First School Visit Scheduled
9th: Partnering With RPB
10th: Tauru Visits Foundation for Blind Children
15th: Slime Sponsors 2B2R
23rd: Lottery Temptation to Fund Project
 March Updates   (Christi in Thailand and Tauru in Arizona)
1st: Intro Video: Meet Two Blind to Ride
17th: Our Biggest Challenge
 April Updates   (Christi in Cambodia and Tauru in Arizona)
11th: Thanks, Click-Stand!
15th: How We See (2B2R Article #1)
20th: When in ...Asia: Business Cards
 May Updates   (Christi in Thailand and Tauru in Arizona)
8th: Limits and Abilities (2B2R Article #2)
18th: Thanks, 1offpowdercoating.com!
 June Updates   (Christi in Thailand and Tauru in Arizona)
7th: Riding in Tandem (2B2R Article #3)
21th: No Regrets
 July Updates   (Christi in Myanmar and Tauru in Arizona)
2nd: Doug Pace -- Paddling for Blindness
12th: Some Basics of Cycle Touring (2B2R Article #4)
20th: Fotis Flevotomos -- Painter With A Different View
31st: Thinking, "Bicycle."
 August Updates   (Christi in SE Asia and Tauru in Arizona)
10th: Summary of Phase I (2B2R Summaries)
24th: Legally Blind, Will Travel (2B2R Article #5)
 September Updates   (Christi and Tauru in Arizona)
2nd: Where Else To Stop By?
19th: Bike Transformation in Progress
24th: Getting Ready for the SCF
29th: Tickets to Adventure
 October Updates   (Christi and Tauru in Arizona)
3rd: 2B2R at the Scottsdale Cycling Festival
8th: Back on the Bike
16th: Celebrating Bikes at the 2011 Tour de Fat
20th: Tackling 16,000 Miles Day-by-Day
24th: First Touring Trip Since 2009
27th: Video: Gila Bend Training Ride
 November Updates   (In Arizona)
4th: Thanks, Five Ten!
15th: Super Salve to the Rescue!
19th: Loading the Bike
22nd: Thanks, Arizona Hiking Shack!
25th: Another Sponsor! Thanks, Wilderness Trail Bikes!
28th: News Interview with Mrs. America About Retinitis Pigmentosa
30th: Through Tauru's Eyes
 December Updates   (In Argentina)
5th: 2B2R On Phoenix Fox News & CBS News
6th: Summary of Phase II
7th: Wait, This Isn't Buenos Aires!
9th: Flight Plight on CBS 5 KPHO
10th: The Tandem Box Saga
12th: Finally in Buenos Aires
13th: Muchas Gracias, Piedras Suites!
17th: Bienvenido a Argentina
20th: Home Improvement Project
23rd: Hostages of Customs
27th: Hmmm, Could This Work?
28th: A Customs Breath of Fresh Air
30th: To The Rescue

2012 Updates: Riding Through South America

 January Updates   (Argentina & Chile)
1st: Happy New Year!
4th: Presenting... Kids' Corner!
11th: A Glimpse of Ushuaia
13th: A Visit from the Champions
16th: Finally Reunited!!!
17th: Our Bicycle's Epic "Vacation"
18th: Day One (The Ride Begins!)
22nd: 2B2R Blast Off!
 February Updates   (Chile & Argentina)
2nd: May The Wind Be Always At Your Back
4th: No Longer Hangin'
6th: Video - Tierra del Fuego
7th: Still Hangin'
12th: We Deserve Payback
19th: An Unsavoring Taste of Ripio
20th: Video - The Ripio South of El Calafate
25th: On a Long, Lonely Highway
 March Updates   (Chile)
14th: More Than Just A Bike Ride
18th: "Tu Problem Es Mi Problema"
21st: Checking In With KPHO CBS News (Phoenix, AZ)
23rd: A Blind Bicycle Mechanic
28th: Video - Camera Test For Documentary
29th: Video - Never A Dull Moment
 April Updates   (Chile)
1st: Video - Halfway To Santiago
15th: Through The Back Roads Of Chile
23rd: Good Weather, A Smooth Road & A New Drivetrain
27th: Days Of Our LIves
 May Updates   (Chile & Argentina)
3rd: Rolling Along To Santiago
4th: Video - Rolling on Ruta 5
10th: The Final Push to Santiago
13th: Recognition From SENADIS
15th: Raising Awareness All Over Chile
16th: Phoning Home To Our Friends At KPHO
18th: Video - Cleaning The Bike
29th: Two Weeks of Shooting
 June Updates   (Argentina)
1st: Meeting The Blind Community of Mendoza
17th: Just About Across The Length of The US
23rd: Recovery With Help In Monteros
25th: Raising Awareness in Brazil
 July Updates   (Argentina & Bolivia)
1st: In Tucuman's Newspaper
2nd: Summary of Stage 1
4th: Visiting Salta & Corina Lona
15th: To Bolivia
16th: The City of Jujuy
17th: Viaje la Linda
23rd: Salar de Uyuni
25th: Trip to Salar de Uyuni
 August Updates   (Bolivia & Peru)
1st: Time in La Paz
4th: The Folks at IBC
11th: Summary of Stage 2
12th: Lake Titicaca He He Ha Ha
13th: Podcast - Mission Impossible
24th: Raising Awareness in La Paz
 September Updates   (Peru)
2nd: An Amer-Incan Tale
22nd: That's Beaching
 October Updates   (Colombia)
1st: Bicycle Friendly Quito
7th: Bienvenidos a Colombia
17th: Buenaventura Is Definitely Good Adventura
 November Updates   (Panama & Costa Rica)
3rd: Through The Darien Gap
4th: Videos of Passage Through The Darien Gap
15th: Checking Out Panama
16th: Checking In With Phoenix & Finishing Stage 3
 December Updates   (TBD)
1st: Hot, Hot, Hot in Central America
5th: Trotting Along in Honduras
8th: Awesome El Salvador
11th: Birthday on the Road
22nd: Oops, We're Off Course

2013 Updates: Riding Through North America

 January Updates   (Mexico)
15th: Back On The Road Again
24th: The Long & Quiet Road to the US
25th: 2B2R in Japan
 February Updates   (USA)
1st: The Eagle Has Landed (in the US)
7th: Good Times in Tucson
11th: In Phoenix and with CBS 5 KPHO News
12th: 2B2R Presenting at AZ Hiking Shack
18th: On Phoenix's 3TV News
20th: Support the Spirit of the Outdoors
23rd: Sharing our Adventures with Phoenix
26th: Arizona Hiking Shack Presentation
 March Updates   (USA)
15th: Mojave Mayhem
23rd: Death Valley and Nothing-land
26th: Kids & Lions in Reno
29th: In Sparks Tribune Newspaper
30th: Back in California
 April Updates   (USA)
4th: Riding Through Forests to Oregon
7th: Dawson House Lodge Keeping Us Out of the Cold
10th: Front-Page Fame in Bend, OR
11th: On Bend's KTVZ
12th: Radio Interview with KC & Ron
14th: The Hard Road Out of Bend
19th: Rain & Snow Will Not Stop Us
28th: Passing Through Snoqualmie, WA
 May Updates   (USA & Canada)
3rd: Weather We Go To Anacortes or Not
7th: Cutting It Short
12th: Oh, Canada, oh, Canada!
15th: On Vancouver Island
17th: Campbell River
22nd: 54 South to 54 North
 June Updates   (Canada)
4th: Christi to Captain?
13th: Only 6 Weeks Left?
14th: On Local Terrace, BC News
28th: Whitehorsin' Around In The Yukon
 July Updates   (USA)
7th: Alaska After 18 Months
 August Updates   (USA)
2nd: Journey Completed
14th: Starting the "Epilogue"
25th: Epilogue Done -- Phoenix, AZ

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