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Jun 4, 2013:

Christi to Captain?

Distance to Date: 22,022 km / 13,654 mi

Well, a planned two-day stay in Prince Rupert turned out to be two weeks! We were both sick and Leo and Max's hospitality allowed us to recover. They're from Chile and so we had lots to talk about. Thanks, guys!

As you may know, it's no surprise that Tauru's vision is worsening. With retinitis pigmentosa, the photorecptors in his retinas die out over time. It's just a matter of time, and time has come. We hope we have adequate vision to complete this journey.

So with still 2,000 miles to Deadhorse, Alaska, can Christi take over and captain the bike? She never learned how to ride a bike, but perhaps it's time.

The view from the dining table in Prince Rupert.

Long sunsets make our stay pleasant.

11 pm and time for bed.

It's Leo's birthday! His 26th AGAIN! 9pm but still too much daylight for the candles to "light up" a birthday.

The gang. Us with Max and Leo.

We say "bye" to Leo, but we are determined to cross paths again.

For the first time since ever, Christi tries out the tandem. Lesson 1 -- steer the bike and keep it stable.

For the time being, Tauru captains. We ride the 145 kms to Terrace in two days, enjoying the view and getting rained on.

We camp along the river and it is beautiful the following day.

At a Rest Area, Christi takes on Lesson 2 -- riding!

Fully loaded, the tandem plus trailer is quite unstable.

But she manages! Next lessons? With Tauru in the back and then on the road!

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