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Jun 13, 2013:

Only 6 Weeks Left?

Distance to Date: 22,629 km / 14,030 mi

When we look at a map, we see that we're only six weeks away from Deadhorse -- that is, if all goes well. There are those occasional hiccups -- like the 2-wk delay in Prince Rupert when we were both sick with colds. And just recently, Tauru hurt his Achilles tendon. But after a hitch to Dease Lake where we had a host and a couple of days off of the leg, we should be back on the road tomorrow.

From Terrace, we continued east on Highway 16 to Kitwanga Junction for the start of the Cassiar Highway. We have to say, the Cassiar is one of the most beautiful roads we have encountered! We are currently in Dease Lake, some 150 miles south of the junction to the Alaskan-Canadian Highway (about 20 west of Watson Lake).

In Terrace, we met Robert from a local news station randomly. He invited us to the newsroom the following day to share our project with them. Here's the article -- click HERE.

Before we leave Terrace, we stop by the CFK-TV news station.

Christi talks about our project to raise awareness.

Tauru's turn.

Then we join Sara and Robert from the TV station to do a different segment that will be aired later in the summer.

It'll be longer (20 minutes) and so we'll be able to share more of our journey.

Then out of Terrace and back on the road for us.

The dark clouds inspires us to look for a campsite for the night.

A river usually has a parking area for locals to come and fish, and there is one here.

After setting up camp, Christi cooks dinner.

The following day, we ride to Kitwanga Junction, the start of the Cassiar Hwy. 450 miles to the junction for the Alaskan-Canadian Hwy 20 miles west of Watson Lake. It's our first time on this trip to see signs for Alaska!

We camp in an abandoned fish plant nearby as more rain come down.

On the Cassiar Hwy the following day. Don't be misled by the sunshine. The sky later gets dark and we got rained on for 25 miles of riding. Heavy downpour, too.

The white fog line truly is a savior for Tauru!

Thank goodness the white line curves along with the road ahead.

On this day, we are rained on twice. That's pretty good. On other days, we are in and out of rain all day long.

Nature is open all along the Cassiar Hwy. We see black bears at times, but no moose, yet.

Even in June, there is still snow on the surrounding mountains.

Rest Areas are also a good place to camp for us. Bear-presence is less.

South of Dease Lake, we take a break. Tauru notices that his Achilles tendon is hurting.

Hurting so much that he can't ride. We hitch and end up at one of the camps for the hydro-electric workers (they're putting in power lines along the southern half of the Cassiar). Thanks, Frasier and James, for your hospitality!

The camp's cafeteria. We ate, and ate, and ate!

The following day, we hitch a ride with James to Dease Lake.

No worries, plenty of room for the tandem on this truck.

James points out bears along the highway. It seems that they're out there... and with good vision, you'll see them. From the truck, we don't mind seeing so many of them!

Thanks, James, for the ride!

We are hosted by folks in Dease Lake and they offer us this cabin for a couple of days.

Tauru lets his Achilles tendon (left leg) rest and heal.

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