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May 3, 2013:

Weather We Go To Anacortes or Not

Distance to Date: 20,780 km / 12,814 mi

Leaving Snoqualmie was difficult. We tried to leave last Monday but ended up turning around because of weather. As you may know, on overcast days, it's difficult for us to see. We waited a day and that made all the difference. The weather cleared and waved us by.

In Tucson, Arizona three months ago, we met a retired couple on their way back to Washington. They invited us to visit them when we pass through this part of the country. Well, why not, right? So to Anacortes we go!

We also make it into the local Anacortes newspaper. Click HERE for article.

On leaving Snoqualmie, we had to say bye to little Mango.

Tauru's turn with Mango. He looks like a little black bear!

But just outside of town, we get spooked by the dark clouds ahead. So we wait a day before leaving.

The following day, we trot out of Snoqualmie along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, an old railroad line converted to a bike path.

We cross a bridge...

Down the long bridge.

We make it to Lake Stevens that day and stayed with Mary, a Warmshowers host. Thanks, Mary! Awesome time and awesome everything!

The following day we make it to Anacortes to stay with Jim and Lorene, whom we met in Tucson, Arizona a couple of months ago.

Tauru reads about us on the front page of the local newspaper. Click HERE for article.

Jim and Lorene arranged a speaking opportunity for us at a Kiwanis Club meeting. Folks are filling in and filling up the buffet lunch line.

A free lunch!!! Smiles to show how thankful we are!

The room fills us. The Kiwanis Club in Anacortes does a great job with tons of community service projects.

Then we talk and share our journey to raise awareness about blindness.

Story time with an engaged and interested audience.

The following day, we talk at the local high school. It's great to raise awareness with the sighted community to change perception of those who are visually impaired. Thanks, Anacortes High School, for hearing our story!

Spread the word and help us Raise Awareness!

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