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May 7, 2013:

Cutting It Short

Distance to Date: 20,830 km / 12,844 mi

There are times when things need to be cut short. Tauru's hair! He can't remember why he was growing it since it's always in hair ties. So the deed was done when we got to Bellingham. Dave, Tauru's friend from a climbing trip on Alaska's Mt. St. Elias back in 2009, is known for many things. Well, everything except styling hair -- at least until now. You be the judge.

The ride from Anacortes to Bellingham was a short 30-mile stroll through beautiful countryside, and we were very lucky to have such good weather, too. The northwest is always like this, right?

We were guests on a podcast to talk about our "congruent life." Check it out HERE on A Congruent Life.

On a clear afternoon, Mt. Baker looms in the horizon.

Camera zoom allows us to see it better.

Thanks, Jim and Lorene, for hosting us in Anacortes! Your enthusiasm of our trip keeps us rolling.

Dave and Pete meet us just outside of Anacortes and we ride together along a bike path. No cloud in the sky!

The guys swerve right giving Tauru a hint that the path is curving right.

To the left, the San Juan Islands.

To the right, farmland.

And beyond, Mt. Baker.

Dave up ahead, and Tauru's hair enjoys the sunshine.

Pete bringing up the rear to make sure we don't steer off course.

At Dave's place in Bellingham, we contemplate the hair.

Dave gets to work.

Dave, who styles his own hair, gets creative and wonders if anything from the 80's can be brought back into fashion.

The mullet?

Oh, no, Dave thinks. It's gotta be something more "rad."

Styling is an art...

Oh, yeah, that IS rad! The rat tail!

Anyway, back to our project to raise awareness. We talk to Andy with A Congruent Life about our project and what it means to really go out there and "seize the day." Click HERE to listen.

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