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Sep 29, 2011:

Tickets to Adventure

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The final mouse click to commit to tickets for South America happened this morning! We'll be on our way to Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 6th, arriving the following morning. The ride is on. Oh yeah, IT'S ON!!!

Flying directly to Ushuaia was going to be way too expensive, so we opted to get to Buenos Aires first and then figure out how to get to Ushuaia from there. The adventure begins! We hear options are (1) take a monster bus ride (+50 hrs total) or (2) fly. Obviously, flying would be ideal, but there's a huge cost difference. At any rate, we'll keep our eyes out for cheap flights and see what we can do; otherwise, we're going get a good teaser of Argentina's countryside before we actually ride it.

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires. So close to Uruguay, a country we hadn't thought about visiting until now. Why not, right? So we'll get on a bus, or a boat, or both and hop over to Uruguay for a couple of days before continuing down to Ushuaia.

At any rate, the ride is on! Most likely, we'll be pedaling out of Ushuaia by mid-December, which will be great down there since it'll be summer. After a year of obsessing about this, it's finally getting under way.

Share this with your friends, family, and even strangers and join us on this adventure. Blind leading the blind -- adventures ahead!

Image is of an Aeromexico airplane in mid-flight through the sky.  Photo is from Aeromexico's corporate website.
In just a little over 2 months, we'll be on Aeromexico headed for Buenos Aires.
(Photo courtesy of PASSPORT blogs.)

Image is a cartoon of the globe with South America in the center.  An arrow points to Phoenix, Arizona in the US; an arrow points to the southern tip of South America with a label for Ushuaia; an arrow points to Buenos Aires about 1400 miles to the northeast of Ushuaia along the east side or right side; and an arrow points to Uruguay which is to the east of Buenos Aires.
Uruguay just about borders Buenos Aires, so it's a must to visit!
(Image courtesy of Wikipedia.)

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