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Sep 24, 2011:

Getting Ready for the SCF

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For the upcoming Scottsdale Cycling Festival (Sunday October 2nd) in Scottsdale, Arizona, we partnered with Research to Prevent Blindness to have an exhibition booth to raise awareness about blindness. We'd love to see/meet you if you're in the area.

For the event, we designed a banner that we'll have at our booth. In addition, we had business cards made to pass out at the event and during our ride.

Dale of 1offpowdercoating finished powder coating the bike and so came by this morning and dropped it off. A simple white that is a perfect canvas for signatures -- yes, we hope signatures of people who share our awareness initiative will fill the bike! We'll have the frame at the Scottsdale Cycling Festival for people to sign.

We spent the afternoon cleaning the tandem's bike parts. Immediately after the Scottsdale Cycling Festival (SCF), we'll reassemble the bike and start pedaling around town.

Image of banner design with the 2B2R logo on the left and information about our ride on the right.
We designed this for our banner: 2' x 5'.

Image of design of front side of business card with 2B2R logo in the center, website and email address below the logo, and Facebook Twitter RSS icons at the bottom
Front side of the business card that we plan to pass out.

Image of design of back side of business card.  Text says An 18-month journey over 16,000 miles to raise awareness about the abilities of the visually impaired.  A translation of the text in Spanish is below this and then the logo for Research to Prevent Blindness is in the right corner.
Back side of the business card.

Photo is of the 2 foot by 5 foot banner hanging in the family room with Christi in front of it.
A week later, the banner arrives. We'll display this at the SCF.

Photo is of the business cards.  Left side has an array of the front side of the card and right side has the back of the card.  This is all on a table.
A couple of days later, the cards arrive ...all 1,000 of them!

Photo is from previous update September 19th with Tauru holding a dark brown tandem frame.
The frame a week ago (Update: Sept 19).

Photo is of Tauru and Dale holding a white frame.
Today (Sept 24), Dale of 1offpowdercoating delivers the newly coated tandem frame and fork. Thanks, Dale! It's ready for signing.

Photo is of Christi with the tandem's bike parts in front of her.  She is in the process of  cleaning various pieces.
Christi cleaning the tandem's bike parts before re-assembly.

Photo is a close up of Christi reassembling a sprocket back onto a crank.
Christi re-assembling sprocket to crank.

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