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Mar 26, 2013:

Kids & Lions in Reno

Distance to Date: 19,214 km / 11,874 mi

Reno has been a GREAT visit!! We met awesome folks from Warmshowers and then visited some schools and the Lions Club. Sherry and Bob of Reno hosted us for a couple of days here in Reno... and we're certain that our presence nudged them to get back on the road. They're super-experienced cycle tourists who are constantly thinking of "the next trip." Yes, the next trip is what we're always chasing after.

Thanks to Diana, a Visual Impairment (VI) teacher, we visited two schools in the Reno area to talk to students who are visually impaired. The questions they had and the interest they had during our presentation reinforced the importance of this trip.

We also visited the Lions Club here in the Reno area -- Sparks chapter (thanks, Cliff, for hosting us and making our visit possible!). The Lions Club was awesome -- they are very committed to supporting the blind community thanks to Helen Keller. We presented to the group and are now linked into their community worldwide. Thanks!

x Lake Tahoe is in the background.

Thanks, Bob and Sherry, for sharing the jewels of Reno to us. We take another photo with Lake Tahoe in the background.

Okay, another photo with Lake Tahoe.

In a different shutter speed setting, we get snow covered mountains in the background.

We present at one of the high schools in Reno about our project to raise awareness.

Professor Christi at the lectern?

We talk to the Lions Club in Sparks.

We continue to share with the Lions Club.

We are presented with safety vests...

They are Lions Club vests... and we are told that, if seen with these vests by other Lions, they WILL be all over us! We are hoping to visit more Lions Clubs in our route to Alaska.

Spread the word and help us Raise Awareness!

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