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Mar 23, 2013:

Death Valley and Nothing-land

Distance to Date: 19,214 km / 11,874 mi

We've left the heat of the Mojave Desert and are now in the cold of high plains Nevada. Mornings in Reno are in the low 40's and it'll warm up to the 60's -- how we now miss those hot and warm days!

Our next major stop will be in Portland, Oregon. How we'll get there, we're not sure. Either stay high in eastern Oregon where it's dry, but cold; or we could swing down to the lowlands for a little more warmth, but it'll most likely be reainy. So we're not sure. We'll head out of Reno in a couple of days and decide on our course of direction on our way to Susanville, Ca.

Thanks, Trucker Ken of Houston, Texas! Ken treated us to a huge breakfast at the Mad Greek Cafe in Baker the morning we headed north into Death Valley.

Death Valley. Yup, nothing-land.

But camping is wherever you pitch your tent. Nice to have the heat for a late afternoon sponge wash.

The road continues.

Taking a break at one of the passes.

Oh, our friend, Headwind, still hangs with us. After almost 12,000 miles, hes still with us. Headwind blows as we take a rest.

Through Nevada... the other direction.

Area 51, the highly classified military area in Nevada... and the conspiracies that go with secrecy. Well, this alien center didn't have much except chips and cookies.

Accommodations on the road to Reno.

Almost to Reno...

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