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Dec 11, 2012:

Birthday on the Road

Distance to Date: 13,369 km / 8,289 mi

Christi turned 21 (again!) on December 10th. We celebrated it in La Libertad on the El Salvadoran coast. We rode from Zacatecoluca on a good highway with a good shoulder and so enjoyed the ride. The heat continued to drain us, but we took it easy and enjoyed the whole experience. Central America gets such a bad rap, but it has turned out to be our favorite so far. People are super-awesome and it is so easy to travel in.

One of the fun things about riding through Central America is the fruit stands along the side of the road.

We stop for coconuts. The juice is refreshing and the meat is delicious.

Tauru is relieved to cool off since it seems that the heat affects him more.

And he constantly needs to keep his belly full.

The coconuts and the highway ahead to La Libertad along the coast of El Salvador.

But a couple of kilometers later, we get a flat tire. This slows us down temporarily.

28 kms later, we arrive in La Libertad and find an awesome hotel for $10 a night. Two thumbs up.

One of rare moments when the sun rises over the Pacific!

December 10th, El Salvador, and Christi turns 21 again.

Celebration time.

Tauru may have had too many by now.

Happy Birthday, Christi!

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