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Jan 13, 2012:

A Visit from the Champions

Customs Update: With hesitation and great reservation, we'd like to announce that we have been told that our bike has been released from customs.

Yes! You read that correctly: released! Two days ago, we received an email from our broker telling us we are to expect it to arrive in Ushuaia within 48-72 hours. It's now Friday. No bike, but dare we hope it might arrive tomorrow or Monday? Can this be real?

Uh-oh, does this mean we are going to ride? Um, yikes! We were getting pretty used to the boxed wine and dulce de leche fracturas!

This week, we had some very special visitors. Yannick and Shirley, aka The Hobos, who we gave an update about last New Year's Eve, have completed their trans-continental triathalon! They began in Alaska and kayaked to Seattle. Then they hitched up to Canada and hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. They recovered for a month with their friends and family in Los Angeles, and from there they got on their bikes and have been riding ever since. And now, they are finished! The champions!

Yannick, a Frenchman living in the States, and Shirley repack their bikes as Tauru watches on.

We take a group photo: Tauru, Christi, Shirley, and Yannick.

After some time, the dynamic duo heads off to Buenos Aires where they'll catch a flight home. After a year and a half and a completed triathlon of kayaking, hiking, and cycling, they are done. Done. DONE! Yes, DONE!!!

Shirley takes off above, and Yannick struggles to get going. "Home? Why?"

As they ride off, it's "why"? After an amazing experience, WHY? We hope you know why you're home. Otherwise, there's the road ...less taken ...and that will make all the difference.

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