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May 15, 2013:

On Vancouver Island

Distance to Date: 21,178 km / 13,053 mi

Wow, so much has happened! We are now in Campbell River up along Vancouver Island. Things have been very organic... from meeting great folks who host us to getting on the local radio to visiting students in the area. And also, Tauru met his match... 750 grams of potato chips!

This was when we were crossing over to Vancouver. Tauru secures the bike for the ride over to Nanaimo.

Landing in Nanaimo.

Others disembarking... Tauru and the bike are to the far left.

Walking the bike off the ferry.

We'll be on BC Ferries again later to Prince Rupert.

We spend a night in Nanaimo (thanks, Lindsay and Navin!) and then continue north to Comox. Here, rain forces a lunch break.

We are hosted by Sandra in Comox. Wow, she set these signs up for us to get to her house!

Go that way!

Riding to Comox.

Sandra sets these signs up well, keeping them close to the street so that Tauru's tunnel vision can find them.

We find the last 2B2R sign just as it gets dark.

Yay, Sandra's house!

We are happy to arrive. It rained earlier in the day, and so coming to a warm and inviting home is most welcomed.

The following day, we go to nearby town of Courtenay to do a radio interview to share our project.

We visit a nearby school and talk to the students about our project.

We get the students to make circles with their hands to show them how Tauru sees. Everything outside of the circle just doesn't exist to Tauru. That's what it's like without peripheral vision.

We ride back to Comox and meet Jack, a fellow cycle tourist. And actually, Jack and his wife, Jessie, have been following our journey for the past couple of months!

But what's in Tauru's hands (also in photo above) is this 750 grams of potato chips.

The bag barely fits into the pannier. Tauru is so excited... he's already starting to chip away at these chips.

Thanks, Sandra, for hosting us! You're awesome!!

Christi nabs internet from Tim Hortons before leaving town.

On the road to Campbell River (about 50 km / 30 mi north of Comox), we take a break. Tauru's Day 2 with the 750g's.

300 grams to go.

The bag is big that it nearly swallows Tauru's arm.

100 grams to go.

Almost done...

A couple more...

News flash: "Tauru Slams 750 Grams!"

Anyway, back on the road. Love this sign!

Almost in Campbell River. Tauru still wears the hat he found on Day 3 of our ride some 15 months ago in Tierra del Fuego. The visor helps block the brightness of the sky.

And we're just about in Campbell River where we are hosted by Bruce and Wendy. We met Bruce on the ferry to Nanaimo. Canadians are awesome people!

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