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Stage 1
Ushuaia to Santiago
Jan 2012 - May 2012

Stage 2
Santiago to La Paz
May 2012 - Aug 2012

Stage 3
La Paz to Panama C
Aug 2012 to Nov 2012

Stage 4
Panama C to Phoenix
Nov 2012 to Feb 2013

Stage 5
Phoenix to P Rupert
Mar 2013 to May 2013

Stage 6
P Rupert to Deadhorse
May 2013 to Jul 2013

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1. How We See
2. Limits and Abilities
3. Riding in Tandem
4. Some Basics of...
5. Legally Blind, Will...

Phase I
Phase II
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

Who We Are
Media Brochure (PDF)
En Español (PDF)


  Partnering with RPB To Raise Awareness

The leading voluntary health organization supporting eye research.

We've partnered with Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB) to raise awareness about blindness. RPB focuses primarily on funding eye research with approximately 90% of its budget allocated for research and research related expenses. In 2010, this figure was ~$13M.

The non-profit organization has been influential in elevating the importance of creating independent ophthalmology departments at medical schools - this allows bigger budgets to fund ophthalmology-related research. RPB was also instrumental in the creation of the National Eye Institute within the National Institute for Health. These two accomplishments alone have enabled eye research to gain more footing at research institutions.

The Evolution of Sight Restoration 2010 Annual Report cover article

Dr. Eyal Margalit leads a research team that is developing a retinal prosthetic device that will increase the number of electrodes stimulating photoreceptors

View Annual Reports.
Get e-News from RPB.

  2B2R Documents
Media Brochure (PDF)
Media Brochure in Spanish (PDF)
Our Ride Across America 2009 (PDF)
  Schools & Organizations We Visited
Schools / Organizations Date Location
Foundation for Blind Children Feb '11 Phoenix, AZ
SENADIS May '12 Santiago, Chile
UMCE May '12 Santiago, Chile
Hellen Keller School May '12 Santiago, Chile
FUNDALURP May '12 Santiago, Chile
Group Meeting May '12 Mendoza, Argentina
Helen Keller School May '12 Mendoza, Argentina
Casa del Discapacitado May '12 Mendoza, Argentina
Uni Redes Jun '12 Mendoza, Argentina
Corina Lona Jul '12 Salta, Argentina
Centro de Rehabilitacion Fisica y Educacion Especial Jul '12 La Paz, Bolivia
Instituto Boliviano de la Ceguera (I.B.C.) Aug '12 La Paz, Bolivia
Escuela Nacional de Ciegos Helen Keller Nov '12 Panama City, Panama
Arizona Schools for the Deaf and Blind Feb '13 Tucson, Arizona
U of Az, College of Education Feb '13 Tucson, Arizona
El Grupo Feb '13 Tucson, Arizona
Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired Feb '13 Tucson, Arizona
Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired Feb '13 Phoenix, Arizona
Arizona Hiking Shack Feb '13 Phoenix, Arizona
2 High Schools in Reno Mar '13 Reno, Nevada
Lions Club - Sparks Mar '13 Sparks, Nevada
Lions Club - Bend Apr '13 Bend, Oregon
Presentation Apr '13 Portland, Oregon
Mt Si High School Apr '13 Snoqualmie, Washington
Kiwanis Club May '13 Anacortes, Washington
Anacortes High School May '13 Anacortes, Washington
Accessible Media Inc Interview May '13 Vancouver, Canada
BC Blind Sports May '13 Vancouver, Canada
2 Elementary Schools May '13 Courtenay, Canada
Timberline High School May '13 Campbell River, Canada
Oyster Bay Elementary School May '13 Campbell River, Canada
Rotary Clubs (2x) Jun '13 Whitehorse, Canada
Lions Club Jun '13 Whitehorse, Canada
Canada Day Parade Jul '13 Haines Junction, Canada
Lions Clubs (Host, Fox and North Pole) Jul '13 Fairbanks, Alaska
Access Alaska Aug '13 Fairbanks, Alaska
Tanana Valley State Fair Aug '13 Fairbanks, Alaska
Alaska Center for the Blind Aug '13 Anchorage, Alaska
New Hope Community Sep '13 New York
Cathedral Church of the Nativity Sep '13 Pennsylvania
Bethlehem Rotary Club Sep '13 Pennsylvania

 Phases & Stages of the Journey
  Map of Stages
  Viewership Goals

We're targeting 350 by end-Phase 1 and 600 by end-Phase 2.
  Phase 1:   1st Half of 2011
Launch website
Seek sponsorship
Communicate with Schools for the Blind
  Phase 2:   2nd Half of 2011
Spread the word
Gear preparation
Finalize logistics
Get in shape!
  Stage 1:   Ushuaia, Argentina to Santiago, Chile
Click to see approximate map
Distance: ~1,800 miles
The terrain looks challenging and we hear that going south to north experiences a lot of headwind out of Ushuaia.
  Stage 2:   Santiago, Chile to La Paz, Bolivia
Click to see approximate map
Distance: ~1,900 miles
This should be challenging because we'll be ascending to Bolivia's Altiplano at about 14,000 feet.
  Stage 3:   La Paz, Bolivia to Panama City, Panama
Click to see approximate map
Distance: ~3,000 miles
We're not sure how we're going to cross Colombia just yet ...or the Panama Canal.
  Stage 4:   Panama City, Panama to Phoenix, Arizona
Click to see approximate map
Distance: ~3,000 miles
Mexico should be "adventurous" with the drug cartels, and we'll be relieved to cross into Arizona.
  Stage 5:   Phoenix, Arizona to Fort Nelson, Canada
Click to see approximate map
Distance: ~2,500 miles
If all goes as planned, we should make it to Fort Nelson in British Columbia, Canada by end Spring 2013.
  Stage 6:   Fort Nelson, Canada to Deadhorse, Alaska
Click to see approximate map
Distance: ~1,800 miles
That'll be the day when we finally hit this last stage of this long journey.

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  Tools in Making 2B2R
Software Purpose
MS Word For documents and converting to PDF's.
MS Excel For charts and graphs.
MS Powerpoint For making videos when needed.
MS Paint (Free) Used to create/modify images.
MS Windows Movie Maker (Free) Used to create videos.
Photoscape (Free) Used to create/edit images.
GIMP 2.0 (Free) Used to create transparent images.
FileZilla (Free) Used for FTP webpage files to server.
Format Factory (Free) Used to convert media files.
Notepad (Free) Used to HTML code website.
VideoPad (Free) Used to make videos.

Hardware Purpose
Laptop Used for everything!
Nikon Coolpix Camera Used for photos and videos.
Canon G12 Camera Used for photos and videos.
Video Camera Used for videos.
Camera Remote Control Used for remote photos.
  Gear List
Bike Equipment Quantity
Tandem Bike 1
Front Panniers 1 set
Rear Panniers 1 set
Bike Computer 1
Tool Kit 1 set
Bungee Cords 3
Spare Tire 1
Pump 1
Spares for spokes/cables 1
Rear Blinking Light 1

Camping Equipment Quantity
Tent w/Footprint 1
Sleeping Bag (~20° F) 2
Sleeping Pad 2
Water Filter 1
Sewing Kit 1
Small Towel2
Cooking Kit 1 set
Utensils 1 set
Stove 1

Electronics Quantity
Laptop 11.6" 1
Camera 2
Camera Remote Control 1
Video Camera 1
iPhone 1
Memory Stick 1

  Travel Costs
Flights Costs
Phoenix to Buenos Aires (Per person, one-way) $661
Buenos Aires to Ushuaia (Per person, one-way) $228

Argentina:    Dec 2011 - Jul 2012 ($1 US = 4.28 ARS) Costs
Visa Reciprocity Fee (Per person, US citizen) $140
Cheap hotel in San Telmo, Buenos Aires ARS 120
Empanada (meat=carne) in Buenos Aires ARS 3
Cheap beer at grocery store (660 ml) ARS 6.60
Ushuaia: Camping, per night/per person ARS 35
Ushuaia: Possible dorm bed in cheap hostel ARS 80
Ushuaia: Food  
      Pasta (1/2 kg) ARS 3-5
      Chorrizzo (1 kg) ARS 58
      6 eggs ARS 8
      Oranges (1 kg) ARS 8
      Mendoza, Tucuman and Salta seem around 10-15% less than Ushuaia costs.

Chile:    Feb 2012 - May 2012($1 US = 486 CLP) Costs
Punta Arenas: Hostel Camping per person/night CLP 2500
Food: Perhaps +10% Argentina costs
Cohaique to Puerto Montt to Santiago costs are pretty similar.

Bolivia:    Jul 2012 - TBD ($1 US = 6.8 BLV) Costs
Accomodations (Alojamientos and Residencials are least expensive, cost is per person per night) 20-25 BLV
Food (meals in markets with meat) 6-12 BLV

  Tips from the Road
Tips Comments
Stove Fuel In Argentina, butane canisters and kerosene are sold in "ferreterias (hardware stores)". We are using an MSR Whisperlite International for its ability to burn various fuels: white gas, kerosene, jet fuel, and gasoline. Gasoline is really bad because it leaves residuals that clog up the jet nozzle and it also smells. White gas is hard to find (other travelers say it's possible to find); kerosene is available at ferreterias, which are common all over Argentina.
Tent Size For two people, we highly recommend a 3-person tent. During those rainy days, you'll appreciate the room to move around and to store gear out of rain's way.
Duct Tape This is the miracle must-carry item. It fixes everything! Ferreterias (hardware stores) in Argentina sell this: "cinta."
Tent Floor Tent floors will eventually become "holy" ...that is, have holes that water will seep through and make the inside the tent wet. We lined our tent floor with a shower curtain and used duct tape to seal it. Rain can now pour all it wants!

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