Ride Start Date: Dec 7th, 2011
Ride Finish Date: Aug 25th, 2013

Last Update:

Aug 25, 2013:

Epilogue Done -- Phoenix, AZ

We've completed our epilogue: the ride from Huntington Beach, CA to Phoenix, AZ on single bikes. This is monumental ...
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Tauru's vision: Condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)
Field of view: <10 degrees
Acuity: 20/400 right eye, 20/80 left eye
Other: night blindness and severe glare during day due to RP-related cataracts
Christi's vision: Right eye: total blindness
Left eye: 20/200
Severe myopia, astigmatism, and nystagmus (uncontrollable rapid eye movement); 13+ eye surgeries, susceptible to retinal detachment

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Video made in 2010 before the ride.

Raising Awareness

Severe visual impairments have never stopped us from chasing our dreams. Now we have our sights set on a new goal. We hope to raise awareness globally about the abilities of the sight-impaired and to inspire people everywhere to chase after their own dreams.

The Ride

In December 2011, we'll fly down to Ushuaia, Argentina to start an 18-month journey across roughly 16,000 miles and 15 countries on a tandem bike, ultimately completing our adventure in Deadhorse, Alaska.

The Plan

We'll visit schools for the blind along the way to share and to relate experiences that have shaped our lives. We'll use this website to document our activities. Follow along and connect with the blind communities in the Americas.

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